Succesful blockade of Frontex meeting at Brussels

The Security and Defense Agenda thinktank organised a roundtable on ‚finetuning EU border policy‘, in Brussels on September 29th. Key speaker was Brig. Gen. Ilkka Laitinen, Executive director of FRONTEX.

Thirty activists disturbed the meeting of industrials, politicians, lobbyists and ‚independant‘ experts.

One response to “Succesful blockade of Frontex meeting at Brussels”

  1. James MacGoris

    May I just correct your use of the words ’successful blockade‘. I was at the roundtable – which was not a Frontex meeting – and I, along with another 110 people, took part in the afternoon’s debate. In fact, I even spent a while talking to one of the activists‘ colleagues, who had sat in on the roundtable, enjoyed a good lunch, but curiously enough had not said a single word during the 4 hours he spent hobnobbing with the assembled stakeholders.