Twitter & Facebook say that restrictions weren’t discussed at UK government riot talks

Twitter and Facebook have officially responded after today’s meeting with the UK Home Secretary, Culture Secretary, Foreign Office Minister and the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), over the role social media played in the recent riots that swept across the country.

A Twitter spokesperson told The Next Web:

“Governments and law enforcement agencies around the world use Twitter to engage in open, public communications with citizens. We’ve heard from many that Twitter is an effective way to distribute crucial updates and dispel rumors in times of crisis or emergency.

People also use Twitter as a the first place to get information, monitor quickly changing events in real-time, and connect with friends, family and their communities. We are always interested in exploring how we can make Twitter even more helpful and relevant during times of critical need.”

Whilst the spokesperson didn’t confirm the exact topics of discussion, it was noted that closing down social networks wasn’t a focus of the conversation at all, and it seems like the government has no interest in exploring this route. (more on