[] The coordination centre for
all the offices of the Italian police and European police in the
western Balkan states is to be in Tirana; mixed Italian-Albanian
investigatory teams to tackle organised crime; the setting up of
a team of police for the Balkans: these are the proposals
presented in Tirana by the Italian chief of police, Antonio
Manganelli during meetings with the Albanian authorities and
with police chiefs from Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo.

‚It has been an intensive day“ said Manganelli at a press
conference in Tirana, adding that ‚today the will to give
greater strength to cooperation between the police forces of the
Balkan countries has been confirmed“. He wanted to highlight
the results achieved by the Albanian police ‚with figures that
cannot be compared with other countries in the area“.

bilateral cooperation agreement in the fight against crime which
came into effect last December will help to give a new boost to
the already close relationship between Albaniàs and Italy’s
security forces.
The idea of creating mixed teams has been discussed for some
time, but Manganelli explained to ANSA that now the project
should be complete in a short time.
The same wish was also expressed by the head of Albaniàs police
force Ahmet Prenci, who thanked Italy for its consistent support
towards the Albanian police force, noting in particular ‚the
excellent role played by the Interforce office for the Italian
police in Tirana.
An office which should become the focal point for the Italian
offices in the western Balkans.
‚Albania will be the epicentre for strategies to tackle
organised crime" said Manganelli during a meeting with Premier
Sali Berisha, accompanied by Italy’s Ambassador in Albania Saba
d’Elia. The same office in Tirana should serve as a
coordination centre for other European police forces present in
the region. ‚I have also asked European countries to unite
their forces and move together with the same will and
determination“ said the head of the Italian police force.