US Army to Use iPhone and iPod Touch for Tactical Training

[] Imagine a warfighter in a remote area performing an
unfamiliar mission with a short timeframe to educate himself on that
mission. Now imagine the same warfighter receiving critical
instructions, even training and experimentation, with the ease of his
cell phone or iPod®.

A new mobile, collaborative training system will
enable this capability to become reality.

Alion Science and Technology, an employee-owned
technology solutions provider, will unveil the electronic Collaboration
Capabilities (eC2) Web-based system at this year’s
Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Conference (I/ITSEC)
from December 1-4 in Orlando, FL. eC2 will work in conjunction with the
Apple iPhone® and iPod® touch – and other mobile hardware devices – to
improve the capability and readiness of deployed troops. Warfighters
and managers will be able to download and customize information on the
mobile devices and perform actions ranging from training and education
to testing and experimentation.

eC2 enhances tactical training and integrates with
simulations and command, control, communications, computer and
intelligence (C4I) systems at military and homeland security locations.
The solution is designed to integrate with existing networked systems.

The system interactively disseminates training data
before, during and after a training exercise and includes access to
real-world terrain, simulations and C4I system controls. Before
training starts, the system works to prepare warfighters for missions,
tasks, conditions and standards – information gleaned from the training
repository. During the exercise, eC2 links to real-time remote visual
displays of computer workstations and coordinates interactive command
and control capabilities. When the exercise concludes, the tool helps
the training commander analyze and report results, key events and
performance data to the unit.

Additionally, eC2 can be used as a teaching tool.
Alion’s new Modeling and Simulation (M&S) Framework courses deliver
critical M&S instruction, enabling warfighters to continue
education and training at work, home or during deployments.

I/ITSEC is an annual conference that promotes
cooperation among the armed services, industry, academia and various
government agencies in pursuit of improved training and education
programs, identification of common training issues, and development of
multiservice programs, according to the I/ITSEC Web site.

At I/ITSEC, Alion will also feature multiple
technologies to improve training and experimentation, including the
Toolkit for Operational Medical Modeling (TOMM), the US Army’s Advanced
Tactical Aircraft Simulator (ATAS) and the Littoral Combat Ship Virtual
Maintenance Performance Aid (LCS VMPA). The technologies are all
designed to improve warfighter safety and mission success.

Alion will demonstrate its solutions at booth # 1215 at the I/ITSEC conference.

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