Malta: Police gets EU funds to improve border controls

[] The
Police Department has been given funds amounting to €56,000 by the
European Commission to increase its capabilities in the effective
border control at the external borders of the EU, in line with the
parameters stipulated in the Schengen Convention.

The eight
month project has seen a number of experts from the Italian SIRENE
Division and the International Police Cooperation Service delivering
training in Malta to local officers.

Training given to Police
officers, especially the SIRENE operators, was aimed to ensure that
they have the required technical, operational and administrative
capacity to implement all EU standards in the field of border control.

Italian experts have also offered the intellectual property rights for
the software application programmes for SIRENE and SIS II.

Police Department now has staff knowledgeable on the effects of lifting
of internal borders and who are able to conduct a risk analysis
operation on any situation. Thanks to the training received, the
officers are also knowledgeable of the concept of intelligence-led
policing and what it entails.

Border guards were also trained in
respect of Schengen and non-Schengen flights and entry of vessels, as
well as the examination and, where applicable, the issue of Schengen
Visas at border control points.

Thanks to this assistance from
the EU, the Police Department is in line with its commitments under the
Schengen Convention, and consequently in a position to honour its
obligations vis-a-vis the same Convention.