Europol And Interpol Agree To Enhance Cooperation For The Benefit Of Their Member States

The Secretary General of INTERPOL, Ronald K. Noble, visited Europol today to discuss the enhanced cooperation between the two organisations.

[] The meeting focused on the development of new ideas for future joint actions which will make use of the complementary strengths of both organisations. Both organisations are ideally placed to join forces for a global police response to serious crime and terrorism. Mr. Noble and Rob Wainwright, the Director of Europol, are committed to pursuing the best possible cooperation in the interests of providing an integrated first-class service to the law enforcement authorities in Europe. One outcome of the discussions was an agreement for a new joint INTERPOL-Europol global police initiative to combat the new threats of piracy in the Gulf of Aden. This will include a new analysis project at Europol, in which INTERPOL has agreed to participate. In addition, both INTERPOL and Europol will encourage their member states to use INTERPOL as a central database for collecting information on suspected pirates.

Europol and INTERPOL also agreed to elaborate a joint communication strategy and to continue the successful exchange program of experts.

The Secretary General, Ronald K. Noble said: "Today’s meeting marks a sea change in the cooperation between Europol and INTERPOL. I have been greatly impressed by Director Wainwright’s vision for and commitment to Europol’s future. I am confident that our organisations will become even stronger partners in the joint fight against serious crime and terrorism." The Director of Europol, Rob Wainwright, stressed that "A safer Europe depends on a strong Europol and INTERPOL partnership. The participation of INTERPOL in Europol’s project against global piracy is a strong signal which highlights the enhanced cooperation."


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