Turin: Police raided Radio BlackOut

Early morning a big police operation in different italian cities Torino,
Mantova, Trento e Cuneo brought to the search of 23 people including Radio
BlackOut HQ. Among the people that have been searched, 3 have been given
house arrest and 3 are currently under arrest.

The operation comes in a very particular moment for radio blackout,
currently under eviction from Turin municipality and in a moment of very
strong criminalization of the movement, particulary Centri Sociali and

The operation seems to be linked to the Anti-Racist coalition assembly
that are protesting against Dedention Centres (CPT) in Turin but it is
obvious that the intent is to additionally criminalize the movement that
is active in many front (from No-TAV to anti-nuclear, to anti-racist, to
anti-fascist and squats )…

Then the bastards used main media to promote their oppressive message:




The main police operation has been orchestrated by the pm Andrea Padalino
kmown for his xenofobic e racist ideas like introducing fingerprint
identification to immigrants…

The intention of the operation was clearly to censorship and shut down the
voice of Radio Black Out that is currently under attack and is running a
campaign named "shut down censorship, turn on radio blackout".

MORE INFO: http://radioblackout.org

Solidarity with all the people that have been under police search, the
arrested and all the people that fight for freedom of speech.

To send letters to the arrested:
Andrea Ventrella, Fabio Milan e Luca Ghezzi
Via Pianezza 300, 1011 Torino (To)


Source: email

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