TE-SAT 2010

The European Union (EU) Terrorism Situation and Trend Report (TE-SAT) 2010 is Europol’s first major public awareness product under our new legal framework.
On 1 January 2010 Europol became an EU agency, acquiring a broader mandate and an enhanced capability to fulfil its mission of supporting its Member States.

The TE-SAT aims to provide law enforcement officials, policymakers and the general public with facts and figures regarding terrorism in the EU, while also seeking to identify trends in the development of this phenomenon. It is a public document produced annually on the basis of information provided and verified by the competent law enforcement authorities in the EU Member States. The TE-SAT reports are available at Europol’s website (
Terrorism continues to impact on the lives of Member States’ citizens both inside and outside the EU. In 2009, seven people (five police officers and two soldiers) were killed and scores of individuals injured as a result of terrorist attacks in Greece, Northern Ireland and Spain. (pdf on euro-police [6MB])