4 Days in August

Metropolitan Police Service
Strategic Review into the Disorder of August 2011

Operation Kirkin was the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) response to the pan-London disorder which took place in early August 2011. Assistant Commissioner Lynne Owens has reviewed Operation Kirkin on behalf of the Commissioner. Following her appointment as Chief Constable of Surrey Police, Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley assumed responsibility for finalising the review and driving through its recommendations.
The overarching objective of the Operation Kirkin Strategic Review was:
‘To develop a detailed understanding of the MPS response to significant public disorder in London between Thursday 4th August and Friday 19th August 2011 in order to inform future policing operations by ensuring organisational learning is recognised and developed for the future. This learning and the subsequent costed plans will be shared promptly, as appropriate, with key internal and external stakeholders.’ (pdf at content.met.police.uk)