Bin Laden death-detecting analytics service signs partnership with Twitter

A Twitter analytics company that said it detected Osama bin Laden’s death before it was reported by the news media has signed a partnership with Twitter, and is expanding the availability of its service for notifying financial firms and government clients of highly unusual events.

The company, Dataminr, described its technology at the Twitter Devnest conference last May, shortly after its service used Twitter data to report bin Laden’s death to its clients before the story hit major media outlets. Today, Dataminr is announcing a partnership with Twitter allowing it greater access to tweets and their metadata, and is expanding availability of the service.

Dataminr and Twitter did not make its executives available for phone interviews, saying Dataminr customers are concerned about revealing too much information, but gave us an early copy of the press release being issued this morning. The announcement says that „Dataminr has just signed a partnership with Twitter, which includes access to the full Twitter Firehose in real-time,“ and that it is unveiling „its novel technology for using Twitter’s public Tweets to create actionable signals for enterprise clients.“ (more on