‘Anti-Maltese’ Frontex rules are declared null

by Ivan Camilleri

Malta yesterday welcomed a decision by the EU court to nullify Frontex rules that were considered to act against its interests in its fight to control irregular immigration.

The rules, enacted by the European Council (member states) in 2010 against Malta’s wishes, were declared “null and void” by the ECJ after the European Parliament backed a challenge by Nationalist MEP Simon Busuttil.

The 2010 rules had completely changed the game for Malta’s participation in EU-led anti-immigration surveillance missions at sea.

Whereas normally all irregular immigrants saved through these Frontex missions were landed at the closest port of call, the new rules obliged the host member states of these missions to become res­ponsible for all saved irregular immigrants and asylum seekers.

The decision had prompted Malta to decline participation in such missions since it would have fuelled migrant landings. (more on timesofmalta.com)