Megan Stammers case: police urge PM to keep EU crime co-operation

Senior officers are urging David Cameron to ignore his party’s right wing and retain a cross-border policy

Senior police officers are urging David Cameron to resist pressure from Tory MPs to opt out of European police co-operation after teacher Jeremy Forrest was apprehended under an EU arrest warrant on suspicion of abducting teenager Megan Stammers.

The Observer has learned that senior British officers working at Europol’s HQ in The Hague, as well as UK-based officers, are lobbying the UK government on the benefits of EU cross-border crime fighting and investigations, ahead of a crucial decision on the UK’s participation in police co-operation to be taken in 2014. The issue has come into sharper focus after Forrest was apprehended under an EU warrant on Friday following successful co-operation between EU forces.

More than 100 Tory MPs recently went public to demand that Cameron uses his right to opt out of EU crime and policing, including the arrest warrant, in order to prevent further loss of sovereignty to Brussels. (more on