Fact Sheet around the new configuration of EU’s „Security Architecture“

While the EU is becoming a quasi-state with own powers, internal and external security are melting. Police, military, intelligence are collaborating more closely to combat their self-declared war against „Terrorism, Organised Crime, Illegal Migration“.

Several treaties and guidelines should legitimate their militarised internal politics, such as the „Stockholm Programme“ or the planned „Internal Security Strategy“. The Commission for Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) is therefore working closely with the EU’S new law enforcement powers Europol, Frontex, Eurojust, the Committee on Internal Security or the intelligence hub named „Situation Center“.

After the Lisbon Treaty the parliament is about to have more powers to influence decisions, which at least regarding the SWIFT-agreement didn’t end up in any progressive changements.So it’s up to social movements to get more involved into the struggles against the Europe of police.

Find a presentation as pdf here (4.4 MB), for any comments write to euro-police@so36.net.