Inside INTERPOL’s New Cybercrime Innovation Center

INTERPOL, the international policing agency, is opening a massive innovation center in Singapore in 2014. At the center, law enforcement will learn all about the latest cybercrimes… and have access to cutting-edge forensics laboratories and research stations.

INTERPOL, the international policing organization, is building a law enforcement tech geek heaven in Singapore. The INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation will function as a R&D lab, training facility, and forensics lab for all things cybercrime. Slated to open in 2014, the Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI) will be part of the larger INTERPOL Singapore Center. Staff at the IGCI are expected to work on everything from combating child porn to creating low-cost cybercrime research databases for poorer nations.

Michael Moran, INTERPOL’s Acting Assistant Director for Cyber Security and Crime, told Fast Company on Wednesday that the main focus for IGCI would be digital security and innovation research for police officers worldwide investigating cybercrime. (more on