Mark Kennedy

Mark Kennedy was deployed undercover by the NPOIU for a total of nearly seven years. During that time he was tasked to gather intelligence on individuals, groups and campaigns about a variety of issues, mainly linked to environmental concerns. […]

Nevertheless, Mark Kennedy did help to uncover serious criminality, although the lack of specific outcomes makes an objective assessment of success extremely difficult. Examples of operations where his intelligence appears to have assisted include:

* A European-wide protest group whose aim was to unite the most violent of European protesters in order to take part in combined protests in cities which they perceived to be subject to political unrest. This group had the capability to create and use improvised explosive devices (homemade bombs).

* An anti-fascist group whose main objective was to disrupt the activities of the extreme far right wing groups and political parties. They planned and carried out physical attacks on members of such groups.

* A network of anarchist groups set up to disrupt the 2005 G8 summit in Gleneagles. The associations and relationships made were utilised to continue the campaign against further G8 gatherings throughout Europe. ( pdf at