Pepper Gun, Laser, Flashlight Combo Brings the Pain

[] Sure, it looks like an ordinary, high-powered flashlight. Until it zaps you with a laser, and shoots you with pepper spray bullet. Then you double over in pain.

The PepperBall Technologies company just rolled out a sadomasochistic torture consumer safety device — presumably to compete with those stun guns that Taser International is trying out in every purse.

Nearly a foot long, and weighing in at 2.2 pounds, PepperBall’s "FlashLauncher" may be a bit more appropriate for the backpack, however. But the manufacturer promises it’ll deliver all kinds of hurt, by combining "a bright tactical flashlight and laser with a semi-automatic PepperBall launcher."

"Its bright 100 lumen flashlight illuminates the user’s immediate surroundings, such as the inside of a vehicle, a dark room, a dimly lit alley, etc., while the launcher allows you to fire up to 5 PepperBall projectiles in semi automatic fashion with laser directed accuracy," the manufacturer promises. The C02-launched "projectiles deliver a painful impact and releases hot pepper powder that startles, distracts, and subdues any attackers."      

PepperBall Technologies says its new pain-giver is the "first choice for home protection, traveling or camping."